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Enrolling your child in school is a big decision, no matter where you choose! We hope we can make it easier for you by providing additional information.

Happy Family Guarantee


We know you and your little one will love Tangerine Schoolhouse so we are willing to take all the risk through our Happy Family Guarantee. If at any time you become dissatisfied with our service within the first 30 days and choose to disenroll, we will refund your last week's paid tuition for you. We stand by the service, love, and education we give each child!



  • Tour Tangerine Schoolhouse to see for yourself what we have to offer!

  • Once you've decided to take the official step to enroll, fill out the enrollment paperwork given to you on your tour. Once you turn in your enrollment form at $250 registration fee, we can hold your spot for enrollment. Please note, we are unable to save your spot until bot the enrollment paperwork and the registration fee is provided. Space may be limited, so keep us posted on your decision and we can keep you updated about availability!


  • Children must be age 2 or older to enroll.

  • Per DCF rules and regulations we will need a copy of your child’s physical and immunization forms on file at the school. As these forms expire we will give you notice, as children will not be able to attend with expired forms.

  • All paperwork must be filled out completely and current. Occasionally we will have forms that need to be updated and we will let you know when these become due.

  • Tuition must be paid the week prior to attending.

  • A one-time registration fee of $250 is required. There are no annual fees.

What to Expect on the First Day of School

The first day of school can be exciting and scary - for children and parents alike! Read more to find out what you can expect from your child's first day!​

  • Drop off may be hard, especially if it's your child's first time at school or away from you. Some children are eager and ready to play. Some find it harder to say goodbye to mom and dad. For children who are having a harder time saying goodbye, we find they generally react in one of two ways.

    • Either they cry for about 5 minutes after their parents leave and then start exploring, playing, maybe even making friends. The initial shock was hard, but they quickly feel safe and ready to find out what this new school is all about. When this happens we will send you an update and maybe a photo through our Procare Parent Connect app so you can rest easy knowing they're having a good time.

    • Or, they cry and keep crying. This seems scary to a lot of parents - and for good reason! No one wants to see their child upset. However, please know that while this is scary, it is a very normal reaction. We suggest if you want to stay around and watch your child after drop-off to observe through the classroom windows in the hallway. For younger children to know that their child is nearby but they can't access them is frustrating for them and doesn't help them to settle into their routine. When children think they have been dropped off without their parents, they start to learn that they are in their new classroom and their teacher is responsible for caring for them during this time.

      • Here's what we do at Tangerine Schoolhouse when this happens. First, the teacher makes a connection with the student right at drop off. We make sure they get lots of positive attention, love, and that they know where the teacher is at all times. We help them feel safe and secure. Once children feel truly safe they will stop crying and start playing and learning!​

      • We use Conscious Discipline to teach social and emotional skills but also to promote a feeling of safety and well-being in the classroom. This includes I Love You rituals, songs, activities, and more. Over time your child will become familiar with each of these and will utilize them daily.

      • We will not ask you to come pick up your child early from school. This reinforces the idea that if they cry, mom or dad will come right away. While that may work from some families, it doesn't work for others' schedules and we want to respect that. One option is to start with a shortened schedule the first week and slowly extend it each week until your child is attending a full day. This may also be done by starting with a part time enrollment and working up to full time if space is available.


However your child is handling their first days or weeks of school, we are always here to talk and help!

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