Registration Fee

One time enrollment fee $150.00. (or $30/enrollment day)

Re-enrollment applies only if parent removes the student and re-enrolls at a later time.

Students who take a summer vacation will not be charged a re-enrollment fee.


Tuition is based on 36 weeks of attendance (180 school days) per school year as published by the Orange County School Board. Payment of tuition is  on a 10 month schedule, on your child's 1st school day of the month. We will prorate tuition for students who enroll later in the school year. There are no tuition adjustments for inclement weather, illnesses or other missed days due to vacations the family has planned. Tuition is calculated based on your child's age at the start of the school year (August 12) and then adjusted for age at the start of the summer program. 

2 year old  students -  8:30am to 3:00pm (nap between 1pm-3pm)

5 Days $225/week

4 Days $200/week

3 Days $165/week

2 Days $$120/week

3 year old students - 8:30am to 3:00pm (nap between 1pm-3pm)

5 Days $200/week

4 Days $180/week

3 Days $155/week

2 Days $$110/week

4 year old students and up - 8:30am to 3:00pm (not required to nap, but they can)

Students must be potty trained to be in this group and must turn 4 years old by September 1.

5 Days $185/week

4 Days $165/week 

3 Days $155/week

2 Days $110/week

Aftercare for all students to 5:15pm

Aftercare must be arranged in advance for continuous/regular attendance.

Daily charge $10/day.

Free VPK program

Students must turn 4 years old by September 1. 5 year old students who didn't complete VPK also qualify. The programs start August 12 & 13. Families in this program may choose to bring their own snacks and lunch or participate in our snack and hot lunch program.

3 days 8:30am to 1:30pm M/W/F 

2 days 8:30am to 3:45pm T/Th

Extended school days for VPK students are offered to 3:00pm or 3:45 with aftercare possible to 5:15pm.

Fees will be calculated based on need.


Wearing of school shirts is mandatory. Students will be given one school shirt per day enrolled, or one school shirt if only enrolled for the free VPK program. If your child does not have a school shirt on, the school will provide one and charge your account $10/shirt. No exceptions to this rule.  Additional school shirts can always be purchased for $10/shirt.

Late Payment Fee & NSF Fee

A $5/day late fee applicable to all accounts not paid on due date. 

A $35/incident will charged to all accounts for NSF checks in addition to what the bank charged for possible bounced checks and bank fees. 

Hot Lunch Fees

There is a $7 daily snack and lunch fee calculated in the tuition listed above. School provided snacks and lunches are optional, but highly recommended. If parents choose to provide daily snacks and lunches for their children in lieu of paying into our hot lunch program, the tuition will be adjusted accordingly.  Lunches must be nutritious (based on school policy) and cannot require warming. If you pay into our hot lunch program and  need special dietary treatment we charge $50/month for non-dairy and vegan meal adjustments. 

School Hours & Early Drop-off, Late Pick-up

8:30am-3:00pm and 5:15pm if enrolled in our extended school day

Drop-off acceptable after 8:15am and pickup-up must be prior to 3:15pm.

Un-arranged early drop-offs will automatically be charged $5/15minutes. All late pick-ups will be charged $5/15 minutes. When you arrive promptly sign your child in and out to avoid discrepancies on your account as these charges are automated and time sensitive.


Effective Date: August, 2019


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