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Private School

Our private school students work in a multi-age classroom completing projects across several disciplines to deepen and strengthen their knowledge, try out new concepts, and push the limits of what they are capable of. Our students look forward to coming to school each day to see what exciting things they will learn next!

In everything we do at Tangerine Schoolhouse, we strive to deliver learning opportunities that are appropriate to the age, ability, and skill level of each of our students. We want to challenge our students to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Your child will do activities above and beyond what’s included in a typical school day. We’ll experiment, create, and find joy in learning each day!

What does a day look like at Tangerine Schoolhouse?

Students in grades K-5 start their day at 9:00 and join their classmates in our upstairs classroom. Up to 12 students in grades K-5 make up our Creatori class. Other private school students and homeschool supplement students join them. Homeschool supplement students join either Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Homeschool enrichment students attend any day they choose from 10:30-3:00.

From 9:00-10:30 students will work in small groups with their teacher and then individually or in partners in literacy and math. We group students for these two subjects by their ability and we give these groups color names rather than grade level names. If you have a 1st grader reading at a 2nd grade level, they may be in the "green" group for literacy with other second graders and maybe a third grader. If you have a 1st grader doing math at a preschool level, they may be in the "orange" group for math with students from any grade level also doing math at a preschool level. The students work with their group with the teacher on lessons and then choose from colored activities in the literacy and math centers to reinforce the skills they're learning.

If students are working above or below grade level, we want to meet them where they are at so they are getting the instruction that will be most beneficial to them. Once students master certain skills, they may move "up" to the next color group. With this method, students will be doing activities that are appropriate to their knowledge, skills, and development no matter what their grade level is. They can easily identify activities appropriate for them in math and literacy centers by color and no one feels less than should they be doing work below their assigned grade level. 

At 10:30 homeschool enrichment students may join them for the rest of their school day. From 10:30-12:00 is class one, 12:00-12:30 is lunch, 12:30-1:30 is recess, then 1:30-3:00 is class two for the day. Below is an example of our two daily classes for the Spring 2023 semester.

Mondays - STEM class, Get Moving (physical education)

Tuesdays - Art class, Yoga

Wednesday - Music class, Crafts class

Thursdays - Around the World (geography and history), Game Strategy

Fridays - Cooking class, American Sign Language

These classes are engaging and often multidisciplinary. We sneak in a lot of reading in Around the World, Cooking, and even STEM. We sneak math into STEM, Crafts, Cooking, and even Game Strategy! We want children to enjoy what they're learning and also apply it to real world scenarios. Students love that they have enough time to get into the lessons and projects (90 minutes per class) and you'll often find them talking at recess about the classes they were doing earlier in the day!

At 3:00 it's pick up time. For private school students and homeschool supplement students that are in wrap-around care, they'll head downstairs and join the VPK students for snack, playing, outside time, and more!

Does Tangerine Schoolhouse satisify all the requirements for a private school?

Yes! We are registered through the Florida Department of Education just like any other private school. We send home quarterly report cards for our private school students and portfolios for private school students that show some of their work and progress each quarter.

Through our math and literacy curriculums as well as our daily classes, we make sure we are addressing the Florida B.E.S.T. standards.

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