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Private school children doing science with bubbles

About Our Preschool Curriculum

Come Learn & Play With Us!

The owners of our schools have created their own preschool curriculum, Preschool Plannables, that focuses on month-long investigations into topics children love to explore! Students will dive deep into their monthly investigations as their dramatic play, block, STEM, literacy, and art centers are transformed each month to incorporate the new topic and offer unique opportunities to investigate, create, and express the knowledge they're learning.

Our Monthly Investigations:

August - Family and Friends

September - All About Me

October - Buildings and Construction

November - Food and Restaurants

December - Around the World

January - Fairy Tales

February - Animals

March - Plants

April - Water

May - Light and Dark

Then we have an exciting 10-week summer camp with fun weekly themes that change annually!

At our preschools you will find a loving environment with a structured day to help your child learn and grow, and learning and play opportunities that will help them thrive! That's why we know our curriculum, which fosters a sense of curiosity and wonder through play, will continue to serve our students long after they graduate.

To find out more about our curriculum, visit our Preschool Plannables website!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in tuition?

Tuition includes breakfast and an afternoon snack. If your child is not yet potty trained, we also provide diapers, wipes, and pullups. Your registration fee covers things like their nap mat, nap blanket, school supplies, and more.

What types of food do you serve?

We strive to serve healthy breakfasts and snacks such as fruits, vegetables, crackers, and cheese. Each month we will send home a snack calendar.

I've already enrolled. When do I get access to my Procare parent communication app?

Procare will grant parent access to the app on the child's first day of enrollment.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

No, we will work with your child on potty training when they (and you) are ready. We provide all diapers, pull ups, and wipes.

What do I need to bring for my child?

The only things you'll need to bring are a lunch, change (or two or three if potty training!) of clothes and a water bottle that we can keep at the school and clean and sanitize daily. We provide everything needed for nap time, two snacks, as well as diapers, Pull-Ups, and wipes.

Do the students take naps? What if my child doesn't nap?

Yes, we do nap time in all preschool classrooms. All children will be given the opportunity to rest while listening to quiet music or audio stories. If your child doesn’t nap, they will be given quiet activities they can do while others rest. Please note that we will not keep children awake if they want or need to sleep.

What health forms do I need and why?

DCF requires all licensed child cares to have a current copy of each child's physical and immunization on record. DCF does NOT specify which immunizations your child needs or when, simply that the form has not expired. 

* A physical is considered current if it has been less than 2 years since the date it was issued.

* An immunization record is considered current if the expiration date has not yet passed yet or if the child has been cleared for K-5.

As your forms expire we will notify you so that you can get us the most updated forms.

The specific forms you need from your pediatrician are:

-DH 3040

-Form 680

Preschool and Private School Owners and Teachers

Meet the Owners

Christine Edmunds (left) and Kendra Struve (right) are the owners of Tangerine Schoolhouse, Bay Street Schoolhouse, and Sunshine Schoolhouse. They have both worked in early childhood education since 2001 in a variety of roles from assistant daycare teachers, to lead preschool teachers, to preschool and private school directors. 

They met working at a preschool in 2015 and became fast friends. They realized they both shared a vision of what preschool could look like - a place for children to explore and learn through play, something they knew was not only backed by decades of research, but that their own personal experience had taught them as well. Their experience in the field and their drive to create a safe, loving, and nurturing environment in which  children could thrive led them to Tangerine Schoolhouse in 2019, then Bay Street Schoolhouse in 2021 and Sunshine Schoolhouse in 2023.

Since then, they've worked to create Preschool Plannables, a curriculum that allows children to explore their curiosities and guides teachers in incorporating meaningful play and thoughtful provocations in their day-to-day classroom activities. Seeing children interact with the monthly investigations in new ways they couldn't have imagined is one of their favorite things to see at the schools!

Kendra and Christine love what they do and are so thankful for the families and staff that come through our doors each day. They hope everyone enjoys their time at the Schoolhouses, just as much as they do!

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